GALLERY 6 Paper making

Here are few pictures to illustrate the process of making papers. For more information on the process, click on 'Paper making' in the above menu. These photos were taken by Mika YOSHIDA .

This is the starting material: Dried kozo and mitsumata

The dried kozo is soaked in water and later washed

Remove the black spots (leftover skin)

Cook in alkali solution (soda ash) for 2 hours and leave to rest until the next day

Detail of cooked kozo

The cooked kozo has been beaten and put in a blender to produce the pulp

After mixing the pulp wery well in plenty water, add neri and stir well the mixture

Sheet formation using Nagashisuki method

Detail of screen: third scoop, waving

Detail of sheet of paper about to be removed from the screen

Drying papers

Hand dyed papers