Each Kumi- E is Unique. Rather than using a pattern, template, model or stencil, Mutsuko relies on her vision, inspiration and feeling to produce images of unsurpassed individuality. Her inspiration comes from having lived 10 years in Europe and 10 years in northern western Australia.


Mutsuko’s Kumi-E are personal blend of techniques borrowed from Japanese Chigiri-E(hand torn paper images) and Hari-E (Collage).
Included in that blend are also elements derived from Mutsuko’s experiences with glass mosaic in London and with batik which she learned in Indonesia.


Each single little piece of paper in these exquisite images have been hand torn to size and shape from papers hand made and dyed by Mutsuko’s herself following Japanese traditional methods. She makes paper pulp from selected dried barks and uses it to make the individual sheets of paper, one at the time, each sheet consisting of 3 single layers of fibres. Finally each individual sheet is dried and dyed as required with colourfast dyes.


Most papers are entirely derived from Kozo (mulberry) and Mitsumata (daphne) barks which contain no lignin and therefore won’t turn yellow with time. Some other papers, very few, are made from recycled acid free papers. The dyes have been tested under the fierce sun of the Kimberley in northern Western Australia. The framing in Kumi-E uses a 100 % acid free matt board and a conservation quality 95% UV protection glass.


Mutsuko’s papers have soaked up the brightest imaginable hue of ink giving her flowers an existence which parallels that of their real – life counterpart in intensity. The exciting and visually stimulating combinations of shape, colours and textures found in a Kumi-E will transform any room into a haven of colour and sensuality.